More Love Seminars: By discovering Tantra's ancient wisdom, you will know incredible love and oneness with all things. In a safe environment where you will feel held and relaxed, the doors of your mind and heart will open. Every shut door in your body will break free into wonder and wholeness!

The time has come to do away with negative relationship patterns. The time has come to say "Yes, I want the most fulfilling life possible for me!"

Studying Tantra will fulfill this promise by giving you priceless skills with which you will not only take into the bedroom but will weave through out your entire life.

NOW is the time for the human spirit to merge spiritual life with sexual life!! Please join us on this deep process of renewel, pleasure, vitality, and health. As a student at our private ultimate weekends and week-long vacations you will learn various spiritual, sexual, and healing modalites to clear the residue of your past so that more of YOU can feel loved! With these experiences of healing and awakening you will open to gratitude and pleasure beyond anything you can currently imagine.

Leah Alchin & Tj Bartel;
Advanced Certified Tantric Educators,
and founders of More Love Seminars
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